Suzy Stumbles Over Travel: Week of October 31, 2011

On Halloween, I bring you this week’s Suzy Stumbles Over Travel. In case you are new to this site, each week I ask writers and readers to submit their favorite travel posts of the week. I read each submission, comment on the piece, tweet the article on Twitter, stumble the post using Stumbleupon and place a link to the submission on my Facebook page. The following week I select my five favorites to be featured here and the stumbling begins again into the next week.

Just a few things to keep in mind, please only submit one post per person each week. Your article should be travel related. Leave your submission in the comment box below rather than sending it to be on Twitter, Facebook, etc. You have until the end of the day on Friday to leave your submission. If you leave your submission past Friday, I will just carry it over into the next week. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my stumbles on Stumbleupon and “like” me on Facebook to make sure I give your post the attention it deserves.


The 5 Favorites of Last Week

Home Cooking in Rome: The Best Meal in Italy” From The World is Calling

Submitted by Lisa

Lisa attends a Home Food dinner in Italy, an organization that makes it possible for travelers to dine on authentic Italian food with Italians. Her experience reminded me a great deal of my dinners with host families throughout my time studying abroad. For anyone looking for a similar experience, Home Food appears to be a great way to see Italy a little bit truer to its form.

Are You an Impulsive Traveler?” From A Dangerous Business

Submitted by Amanda

Amanda outlines some of the ways in which she has traveled impulsively, and some of the signs that you too might be an impulsive traveler. She shares those signs of “don’t think, just do” travel from other travelers. Traveling impulsively can be vital, especially when you would never go if you sat down and thought about it too long.

{Tips} If nothing else, take these 3 photographs on your travels” From Idelish

Submitted by Jeremy and Shirlene

Jeremy and Shirlene share their secrets for simply taking better travel photographs. From the postcard shot, the different perspective shot to the storytelling photo, they lend great tips for travelers who might just stand and click with their camera.

I’m sorry Travel I just can’t marry you!” From Evolution of a Dreamer

Submitted by Sasha

Sasha confesses to travel that she could just not marry the activity for life. She presents a refreshing perspective, explaining why long-term, non-stop travel would just not work for her for life.

Six Places That Will Scare the Snot Out of You” From The Gypsy Nester

Submitted by the Gypsy Nester

The traveling duo at Gypsy Nester lends the perfect travel article to read on this Halloween. They share six of the scariest places they have ever visited from a bone-constructed church to a “spa” torture chamber.

Don’t forget to leave your submission for this week. You have until the end of the day on Friday to leave your submission below.


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