Suzy Stumbles Over Travel: Week of April 30, 2012

On a busy Monday, I bring you this week’s Suzy Stumbles Over Travel. In case you are new to this site, each week I ask bloggers/writers and readers to submit their favorite travel posts of the week. I read each submission, comment, tweet the article on Twitter, stumble the piece using Stumbleupon and post a link to the article on my Facebook page. The following week I select my five favorites to be featured here and the stumbling begins again into the next week.

Just a few things to keep in mind, please only submit one post per person each week. Your submission must be travel related. Please leave a link to your post in the comment box below rather than sending it to me on Twitter, Facebook, etc. You have until the end of the day on Friday to leave your submission. Anything left past Friday will be carried over into next week’s submissions. I will get busy promoting the articles by the end of the day on Sunday. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my stumbles on Stumbleupon and “like” me on Facebook to make sure I give your post the attention it deserves. Check back here next Monday to see if your submission made my five favorites of the week.


The 5 Favorites of Last Week

Wild West Coast Adventure with SANParks” From Rory in South Africa

Submitted by Rory

Rory explores West Coast National Park, 120 kilometers outside of Cape Town. From views of Table Mountain, sunsets of dreams to unique cuisine, Rory provides a nice weekend view into life in the park.

One Day in Galway” From Expat Edna

Submitted by Edna

Edna encourages those on a trip to Ireland to not overlook Galway on their itinerary. She provides a nice outline of things to see, do, eat and drink while in the Western Irish city, from pubs to street performances. 

The Definitive Guide to Pizza Margherita” From Tour Absurd

Submitted by Katrina

Katrina provides the not-so pizza educated with a very detailed post on Italy’s most well-known pizza, Pizza Margherita. From how it’s made to what makes it a Pizza Margherita, Katrina’s insight into this key dish in Italy is a must read for anyone headed to or dreaming of Italy.

The Maasai and The Honey Badger” From Maiden Voyage

Submitted by Emily

In this guest post on Maiden Voyage, Walker details his experience with tourism and tribal Africa in a Maasai village. His insightful experience of visiting a tribe at a price makes a comment on the westernization of Tanzania.

Siwa Oasis Photo Essay” From Someday I’ll Be There

Submitted by Mina

Closing out the week, Mina takes us to the sands of the Siwa Oasis in this photo essay. From the changing colors on the sands at sunset to the history lurking below of ancient burial sites, Mina provides enough travel inspiration to want to get up and go explore Siwa for yourself.

Don’t forget to leave your submission in the comment box below. You have until the end of the day on Friday to submit.


  1. Suzy Guese says

    Submission from Michael…

    Hello Suzy
    Loved your post on Sorrento- how I miss it there- you brought me right back- Thank you
    Here is a new blog post of mine I would very much appreciate you to post
    The Sacred Rituals of Besakih ~ And the Gods came down to Bali… A photo essay.

    I always appreciate your help and comments
    Thanks in advance!

  2. says

    Thanks so much for including my guest post on the Maasai, Suzy! I am very proud to have published it on my blog…Walker’s writing about it blew me away and made me question whether I still want to visit the Maasai when I go there.

  3. Suzy Guese says

    Submission from Lash…

    Hi Suzy,

    DAG, seems I forgot to submit last week, too. I usually remember on Saturday. doi. This week I’ve written about my overnight train journey from Shanghai to Hong Kong. I’ve included lots of factual info about Chinese trains, which can be useful to anyone wanting to travel through China…

    As usual, thanks for reading and promoting! cheers, lash

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