Suzy Stumbles Over Travel: Week of April 26, 2010

I started a weekly column, aimed at spreading the word about great travel posts, videos, and websites. Every week, I ask readers and writers to leave their favorites in travel throughout the week in a comment on my “Suzy Stumbles Over Travel” post. I stumble (Stumbleupon), comment, and tweet each submission. On Monday, I highlight my five favorites that were submitted last week. This is supposed to be a win-win, so if you did not experience the sweetness of being a favorite this week, hopefully your post received even sweeter page views, comments and traffic. I received 20 submission this week, but alas I could choose only 5 favorites listed below.

After reading my five favorites, leave a comment here with your entry for this week. There are a few “rules” to keep in mind. You can submit any post of yours from any time. If you wrote a great piece last November, I will read and stumble it regardless. Please keep it to ONE link per person each week. If you submitted last week, feel free to submit again just only once. Leave your post, website, or video in a comment on THIS post, rather than sending it to me on Twitter. If they are all here, I can assure you the link will be noticed. You have until the end of the day on Saturday (US Mountain Time) to leave a comment with your link to be considered for the Monday five favorites.

Make sure to subscribe to my stumbles on Stumbleupon to make sure I am stumbling your submission and follow me on twitter to see your articles tweeted. Check back here next Monday to see if your submission made my 5 favorites.

Up late stumbling and reading

The 5 Favorites of This Week

Great Art Series: Santa Maria Novella” From Adventures of a 21st Century Family

Submitted By Jenna

Jenna revisits her time spent studying abroad in Florence back in 1995. While I am probably completely biased on this one, I also studied abroad in Florence and loved the sheer amount of art around every corner. Jenna examines just that, but more specifically, her observations and knowledge of the Santa Maria Novella Church. As most have been to Florence, she invites you to share your favorite art moments with the Renaissance city in the comments. This is a good resource on Santa Maria Novella in general if you are heading to Florence any time soon.

“How The Other Half Lives” From Kaleidoscopic Wandering

Submitted by JoAnna

Not everything about travel is all sunshine and roses. JoAnna beautifully tells of her time spent traveling across the United States by train. Without giving too much away, her observations outside her train car window create eye-opening images about life in the United States. Many neglect that the US has incredible poverty and JoAnna brings this issue to the forefront with eloquent words. I love how a simple, yet powerful observation can come from merely peering out the airplane, car, or train window.

“The Importance of The Quest” From Traveling Savage

Submitted By Keith

Keith uncovers the idea that travel involves going on “quest”, big or small. It is not just a way to see and do these things on a checklist but rather a journey towards some sort of goal. I like how the piece points out how this quest can come in handy when traveling alone. So many times we find our mistakes and travel annoyances magnified when we are alone on the road. Keith wisely states that that quest can allow solo travelers to “soldier on in the face of inevitable obstacles” with something positive like a quest coming out of that itinerary.

“What Travel Has Taught Me” From What’s Dave Doing

Submitted By Dave

For those younger readers out there dying to escape their stale high school classrooms, Dave is on your side. With his extensive travel experience, he lists just what travel has taught him. The lessons are not ones a teacher dishes out daily in a classroom. I am a firm believer in this idea, that travel is an ultimate form of education. Dave’s humbling realization that came with travel is something I had never considered. If you are a student headed to college considering studying abroad or you just came back from a round the world trip, you’ll find Dave’s list inspiring and completely dead on when it comes to the lessons of travel.

“Bhutan: Getting to Paro” From Green Tea

Submitted By Andrea

Andrea achieves the ultimate challenge, obtaining entry into Bhutan, something few do these days, as there is a great deal of paperwork involved. While her post is not heavy on the word count, I appreciated the stories she told through photographs. She includes footage of her plane ride into Bhutan and views of Himalayan peaks. The post is a journey with Andrea, chronicling that excitement of arriving at your destination after all the work and headaches.

Be sure to leave a comment with your submission to be stumbled, commented, and tweeted this week.


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    Good stuff Suzy! Here’s my submission for this week – Exploring Spain and Portugal Part X – From Salema to Lisbon (photo slideshow) – This continues my journey in Spain and Portugal and includes wandering upon a nude beach and Portugal’s capital city. Thanks for doing these every week a lot of fun!

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    Thank you for featuring my post! I am glad that you enjoyed it. This is a wonderful way of building community and exposing us to others’ writing that we might not otherwise find. :-)

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    Hi Suzy, I love your top 5 picks, as always! Good choice! My favourite one is “What travel has taught me”, I can totally relate with that.

    And, here’s my favourite article I want to submit. My husband, Ryan, wrote it. He is the budget planner between us, he’s great in finding great deals. Our article is titled “Transatlantic cruises for backpackers: a way to see more and pay less”. Essentially, we want to point out that transatlantic cruise is a great alternative to flying between America and Europe. Not many people now, but if you pick the right time, this luxury cruises cost about the same with flights! Plus, by cruise, you get to visit various port cities along the way, including those islands (Canary, Madeira, Sardinia, etc) that are hard or expensive to go otherwise. I hope you enjoy reading it :)


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    Thanks for all of the submissions this week. Check back tomorrow to see if you made the top 5 and to submit your post for next week. This week’s submitting is now closed.

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    Hi Suzy,

    I love this idea!

    We’re the family that has been on an open ended, non-stop world tour since 2006, traveling & living large on just 23 dollars a day per person. 4 continents & 32 countries so far & much of it in “expensive” Europe and most of it overland, although we have used every kind of transportation from cargo ships to camels.

    Thus we love everything about travel and have long been huge fans of Stumbleupon!

    I’d love a stumble on this post about the advantages of travel and education as we have simply been astounded by the priceless value of travel for our 21st century global citizens!



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