Arches National Park, Utah Wishes You Were Here

Three women gossip on top of red rocks. They watch each car pass by as the cameras click, whispering in each others’ ears in comment. At Arches National Park just outside of Moab, Utah, these women never seem to leave. However they might one day if erosion has anything to do with it.

From the La Sal Mountains Viewpoint you can see these Three Gossips on the left, the Tower of Babel on the right and the Organ just in front on the right. The landscape appears not of this world, but another, so red, so creative in formation and so empty at the same time.

The Three Gossips on the left

The Three Gossips on the left

Feelings of emptiness are short lived for over 2,000 natural sandstone arches can be found. The unusual rock formations can credit millions of years of deposition, erosion and other geologic events for their formation. They remain the greatest density of natural arches in the entire world.

The famous Delicate Arch

Arches National Park is mostly for the cars as you can drive right up to some of the most jaw-dropping rock formations. Like a child in summer, laying on the cool grass formulating what the shapes of clouds could be, you can do the same at Arches. Turkey legs and all, Arches National Park lets the imagination run wild.

The first humans to see this landscape were hunter-gatherers around 10,000 years ago. While I know the landscape could have been drastically different from what I am seeing today, I do know those Three Gossips have no doubt seen it all and discussed it all.



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    Haha, I really thought you meant 3 women at first! Those are some really cool rock formations. I like the last shot, the rocks look like indescribable creatures.

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    Wow, the rock formations looks stunning :) I love how you introduced the 3 gossips, very imaginative. Hope to see it in person someday.

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